Fall - Winter '21-'22

Situated on the mountains of Pindus in Northern Greece, Metsovo is a small town known for its association with high altitude, low-temperature nomadic life. As a location, it provides a different perspective to the image one might have of Greece, away from sun, summer as well as seas, and instead, it is an authentic winter milieu. This fall/winter 2021 Zeus+Dione collection takes its references from this mountain locale with a rich regional dress heritage and a longstanding culture of weaving.

The collection includes a number of modern winter outerwear essentials inspired by nomadic men’s garments, initially created to offer protection during the colder months. Reminiscent of those worn by mountain shepherds, textural felt capes, that have been decorated with cord detailing, come in two different lengths. Clean and elongated woollen peacoats have contrasting ceramic buttons that give these jackets a graphic finish. Shearling, a key material in the collection, has been used to construct panelled waistcoats that make for great layering pieces.

Some of the tops, dresses and skirts have been influenced by heritage menswear also. A sleeveless ‘Dimita’ outer garment with a pleated skirt, traditionally worn by men, was the starting point for a navy pinafore dress. Simple shirtdress with pleated back and front, references the 'evzone’ silhouette with its full ‘fustanella’ skirts. Rectangular, flared sleeve construction and diagonally cut panelled skirt usually found in ‘Bourazana’ overcoats have been reinterpreted as details for an off-white gabardine midi dress.

Since the Ottoman rule, Metsovo has been known for wool-making and this material ties the collection together. Tactile, handmade felts have been created with silk crepe de chine and unwoven Merino wool with Nuno felting technique that is entirely ecological as a process. Heavy wool fabrics used to construct coats, dresses, trousers and skirts, give garments clean lines. The overall colour palette is tawny with dark camel, stone, amber brown, caramel and warm pink. Zeus+Dione signature Spathoto silk has been specially woven in different three colourways: midnight blue, warm pink and ivory silk base with navy blue, caramel and burgundy rayon stripes.

This season, Zeus+Dione continues to collaborate with Ancient Greek Sandals with a range of winter shearling clogs that come in low cut and ankle boot styles. Shearling, along with felt, also makes an appearance in Tagari bags, shoppers and pouches in graphic colour blocks. Spathoto weave has been extended for mohair blend scarves and Tagari bags. Silver coins, that would have traditionally been adorned as talismans or decorative objects, have been used to create bracelets, pins and buttons.

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