Fall - Winter '22-'23

Musings on shadowy reflections of the luminous entity of supreme beings and rebetika songs speaking of a latent love, inflect the Fall Winter 2022-23 collection by Zeus+Dione with a sweeping depiction of pure life and emotion, as an archetypal compilation of conceptual anamnesis. Juxtaposing the melodious yet sinuous microcosm of Vasilis Tsitsanis and Sotiria Bellou, and the colorful daydream in front of the two-dimensional world of shadow theatre, ‘Seraglio’ collection attempts to suffuse the path of the millennial wanderer with moments that have left an indelible imprint in the memory.

Wraparound shapes, ethnic accents, and gentle materials are blended in ample silhouettes that settle down to a sane level of sartorial elegance. Skirts, sunray-pleated through the handkerchief hem, sway gently with each step. Floaty blouson sleeves with softly gathered cuffs endow the required volume. Winter outerwear essentials are stimulated by the characteristic affluent wool coats with the exaggerated notch lapels, that rebetes habitually used to drape over the forearm as a shield. Tone-to-tone petit carreau is used in a more 1970s stylistic approach, subtle stripes make the long lines even longer, whilst felt patchwork and contrasting topstitching, reminiscent of the shadow theatre figurines’ cut-and-sew outline, illustrate the patina of time. 

Neutral pastels and cool shots of olive green and denim blue, work together with warm earthy undertones of mulberry, chocolate and burgundy amber, to create a demure and cohesive feel. Zeus+Dione Spathoto silk has been woven in a colour palette, diverging from deep olive green and rust silver to maroon base, with khaki-gold-ivory, caramel-amber-burgundy, and maroon-amber-gold stripe fusions. The signature pattern has been also embossed on leather bags and woven in mohair blend scarves. 

The duality of the collection is unequivocally highlighted in the decorative details of the ‘Shadows’ bag, featuring a vivid portrayal that moves between the wrecked Karaghiozis hut made of sheet metal and the magnificent seraglio. A pure reflection of life on the white screen, in front of the eyes of the same people, who see themselves in the paper and hide figures. The enigmatic charm of humanity.


Creative direction: Marios Schwab
Photography: Yiannis Bournias
Videography: Constantinos Dimas
Set design: Aliki Kirmitsi
Makeup: Athena Karakitsou
Hair: Jose Quijano
Model: Kika Jovanovic (Dmodels)

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