Spring - Summer '21

The year 1821 marked a turning point in the story of modern Greece. It is the year when, after centuries of Ottoman rule, a rebellion erupted that subsequently led to the establishment of the country the way we know it now. To commemorate the 200-year anniversary of the historic event, this spring/summer 2021 collection takes the revolutionary heroes and heroines that paved the way for independence as its starting point. For Zeus&Dione, 1821 was, and more importantly is, about new beginnings.

Greek blues dominate the colour palette along with carmine, auburn-red, cypress green, sand, ecru and off-white. The Zeus&Dione signature spathoto silk comes in a combination of blue and cyan, taking its cues from the original colour of the Greek flag along with its contemporary counterpart. Deconstructed stripes of the HELLAS top and dress pay homage to the flag also.

With the aim to celebrate a heritage that emerged as part of the formation of the nation, references to folk costumes are present throughout the collections making these garments, like their ancestors, special keepsakes to hold on to. Artisanal finishes such as cording, used in blazers and dresses, is reminiscent of those seen in traditional Doulamas coats. Contrasting black and ivory handmade embroidery, tassels and fringing often seen in folk costumes, have been used as design highlights within the garments. The open sleeve design that can be found in the Evzone guard uniforms has been adapted for blazers and dresses whilst the volume of pleated Fustanella, a kilt-like garment with its 400 symbolic pleats, served as an inspiration for the TOSKA skirt.

Whilst many of the garments have been adorned with intricate detailing that have deep-rooted connections with the past, the overall silhouette is streamlined and timeless. There is a certain simplicity to the collection that is directed by utility. Some of the textiles like raw silks, crepe and linen have a dry texture that mark the modesty of this otherwise celebratory collection. Combined with cotton drill, spathoto silk has been introduced in a new way that gives it a less formal quality. There are rural references, like the way in which traditional woven Tagari bags used by farmers, have been reinterpreted with modern detailing like exaggerated robe handles and tassels.

Ileana Makri created the jewellery for this collection using a traditional technique called Sirmateri, that has its roots in the city of Ioannina. And for the first time, Zeus&Dione collaborated with Ancient Greek Sandals in the creation of a beautiful line of sandals inspired by Tsarouchi, the Evzone guard shoes.

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