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Exploring Zeus+Dione concept store on Mykonos

10 JUL 2022

Ζeus+Dione x Kessaris concept store conceived as a small Cycladic house harmoniously blends into the heart of Chora, looking towards the most scenic corner of Matoyiannia. For its design concept, Anastasia Kessari (who is also an architect) and Marios Schwab, artistic director of Zeus+Dione, joined forces.

The Cycladic purity and clarity are exemplified by the white-washed cube walls and the yard’s pavement made of locally quarried stone. Representing the white foam of the Aegean Sea, the bright white shade is considered to be the less solar absorbent, thus maintaining a cool temperature inside the store during the summer months. The common subtle aesthetic of the interior and the exterior areas, combines tradition with modernism. 

Following local sustainable architecture, wood cladding has been used for windows, doors and furniture. The use of natural and raw materials continues inside, where the exposed wooden ceiling and the utter white marble floor are amplified by the black brass geometric decorative elements. The space is designed in such a way to frame unique views of the collections, allowing the light but keep the midday summer sun out.

In the store, you can find all pieces from the S/S'22 'Pandora and the Trailing Serpent' and the H/S'22 'Triere' collections, available. Plus, a unique selection of accessories including clutches and bags in a number of different canvas and leather styles, visor hats, sandals, lucky charms and ornamental trinkets jewellery. Everything to ensure a memorable visit!