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SIMPLE IS BOLD - Dimitra's interview in 2board | The Official Athens Airport Magazine

30 OCT 2022



Interview by Ira Sinigalia

Dimitra Kolotoura - Portrait by Yiorgos Kaplanidis
Dimitra Kolotoura - Portrait by Yiorgos Kaplanidis

What are the timeless symbols that make the creations of Zeus+Dione recognizable?

When we began the journey of creating a lifestyle brand, which would come to represent on the global fashion scene the culture and tradition, the incredible heritage and values of a country that had suffered deeply, Doric simplicity was always our concern. As such, this Doric simplicity and authenticity of design is a timeless symbol of Zeus+Dione. In addition, I also think that in the last decade we have managed to make the traditional “spathoto” fabric instantly. recognizable, which is exclusively weaved for
Zeus+Dione by our partner Kostas Mouhtaridis in Soufli, which we use in all our collections (winter and summer). This fabric has become an emblem of the brand, and of Greekness. There are also small silver, gold plated and metallic symbols, such as paisley or the akroterion, used in the form of buttons, cuff-links, earrings, necklaces or decorative items on handbags. All of these symbols, small and large, make our creations recognizable and looking at the clothing’s label becomes unnecessary.


Elements of our recent tradition are evident in the winter “Seraglio” collection, such as rebetiko music, Karagiozis and bouzouki. How are they connected with the aesthetic code of this collection and what is the result?

All of these elements are portrayed in the design details of the collection. Characteristic examples include the chunky overcoats, inspired by the unique wool jackets with accentuated lapels and structured shoulders with pads, like the ones rebetiko singers would sling over their shoulder as a shield. The outer seams and patches are redolent of the characteristic stitching found onshadow puppet theater figures, and the strong vertical pleats in skirts are like sheet iron. The jewellery collection “Skies kai Figoures”, with cuffs shaped like sheet iron or the earrings shaped like Karagiozis’ hand, or the decorative details on the “Shadows” handbag, a woven approach to the classic background setting featuring the hut and imposing seraglio. They shape the “Seraglio”
collection in a sweeping representation of real life, feelings and memories.

Photo by Yiorgos Kaplanidis
Photo by Yiorgos Kaplanidis

Fashion is trying to become more and more sustainable. What does this look like at Zeus+Dione?

Sustainability has to do with cyclicality and the correct management of materials, their origin, the transformation of something apparently “useless” into something new and useful. This is difficult to achieve, but not impossible. At Zeus+Dione we already practice upcycling and zero-waste techniques in the creation of our garments. A characteristic example are the two upcycled dresses from the High Summer ’22 collection, which were exclusively created using tablecloths embroidered by Pomak women. We gave them a new, wearable form without spoiling their geometric shape, while also preserving all their aesthetic qualities.


Where can your Greece be found?

I have a human-centric perception of things and my Greece can be found in its people! My land would mean nothing if these specific people were not there: my family and friends. The welcoming and smiling people we mostly see  around us, in our country! And of course, the light and the sea follow suit. I have travelled a lot in my life, but I always want coming back, to Greece, and even more to a specific corner of an island - "della Grazia" in Syros. I am completely enchanted by this place.

Source: 2board | The Official Athens Airport Magazine