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x Greek National Opera

17 JUL 2019

EUS+DIONE is delighted to share with Greece’s fellow audience its collaboration with the Greek National Opera and its contribution to the image of the organization through the design of the new uniforms of children's choir and ushers.

On its third artistic period at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and the celebration of the 80th anniversary, the Greek National Opera renews its identity in Greece and abroad, aiming at the creation of a new profile, in full harmony with the concept of the project.

After a very creative and open contact, GNO accepted Zeus + Dione's sponsorship for the design of the new uniforms of the children's choir, at the beginning of 2019. Based on its principals, ZEUS+DIONE is inspired by the traditional dress of the region of Attica using unique handmade embroidery from the region of Hassia, creating a new face and a figurative image based on the high aesthetics of the brand. The uniforms will be launched in October 2019 with the beginning of the new GNO season.

The sponsorship of ZEUS+DIONE to the GNO is the beginning of a wonderful collaboration that will be developed to other creative levels in the future.