'Arete' 2022 Lucky Charm

21 NOV 2021

So elusive and vigorous, a wave is a mysterious force of nature. It portrays change and flow of life, while mirroring the persistence and strength to conquer any hardship and find inner harmony, overwhelmed by happiness, contentment, and bliss. Plain yet prosperous spiritual yearnings to imbue our life.

This year, Zeus+Dione comes to seal our wishes with a lucky charm inspired from the wavy postmarks’ designs that were traditionally marking the envelopes used for the Greek airmail. In postal history, every stamp tells a story. And for 2022, Z+Δ aspires to narrate its own. Depicting an embossed ‘22’ onto waves, ‘Arete’ lucky charm pursues to stamp our New Year with infinite fortune, opportunities and above all determination to shine.

Cheers to an astonishing New Year 2022!


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