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ZEUS+DIONE partners with Viva Wallet.

11 JUN 2023

ZEUS+DIONE taps into the world of effortless, secure payments with Viva Wallet.


In today's fast-paced world, retail businesses need high-speed, hassle-free and secure payment solutions. ZEUS+DIONE has selected to offer that ultimate seamless payment experience to their valued customers by using Viva Wallet as their trusted payment partner.


Harnessing the power of revolutionary technologies, developed in-house, Viva Wallet, a leading European neobank, provides an omnichannel solution, that offers effortless, conversion-boosting and secure ways to process offline and online transactions, streamlining business operations and enhancing the customer experience.


The Viva Terminal App allows retail businesses to tap into the world of fashion, eliminating technological barriers! This is definitely a game-changing payment technology; an advanced app with Tap to Pay, turning any Android phone into a card terminal. Transactions are completed by simply tapping the contactless card or smart device at the back of the mobile. Retail businesses can therefore accept payments with ease and security. No other hardware needed. With the app installed on various mobile devices, merchants can deliver a tailored checkout experience in every corner of their store, reducing checkout queues and fostering customer loyalty. It’s literally payments on-the-go; anywhere, anytime.


Viva Wallet’s cutting-edge omnichannel payments platform features also the Smart Checkout payment gateway; An easy-to-integrate, self updated, e-commerce payment solution that can boost conversion rate by up to 21%. Supporting 34 payment methods, including international card schemes, digital wallets, and dominant local card schemes, it uses data to adjust to each customer’s profile, presenting the payment methods most likely to convert.


By partnering with Viva Wallet, ZEUS+DIONE aims to ensure that all customers can enjoy a seamless payment experience across all touchpoints, regardless their location. Whether they choose to shop in-store or online, their payments will be handled swiftly and securely, allowing them to focus on enjoying the masterful designs.