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2020 Lucky Charms Event

17 DEC 2020

Zeus+Dione designed and presented the new 2020 Lucky Charm Collection featuring important and self-made women, representatives of different decades. These women are a source of inspiration for the Greek brand whose influence touches all generations.


The event was held at the GB Corner Gifts and Flavors Store, Hotel Grande Bretagne. All the guests and visitors were able to get the new Lucky Charm collection named “Delos” and chat with Zeus+Dione co-founders.


The little goddess of the charm is the mosaic symbol of the entrance of the Dolphins House to the sacred island of Delos, where our ancestors have been using for over 1000 years expressing hopes for the protection and prosperity of our entire civilization.

Part of the proceeds goes to support non-profit organizations that take action to protect the marine environment.


The Zeus+Dione Charm Collection can be found at retail stores

• Zeus+Dione Flagship Store, Boukourestiou str, 6

• GB Corner Gifts and Flavors Store, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Constitution

• Attica Stores


And online, at the e-shop of Zeus+Dione


A few words about the women who inspire us:


• 90's Eleni Glykatzi Arveler

President of the European Cultural Center in Delphi and one of the most prominent intellectuals in Greece. She is one of the most important academic personalities in the world with a well-respected academic background.


  • 80's Peggy Zoumboulakis

Greek owner of the historic gallery of contemporary art in Greece counting over 50 years of presence on the Athenian and international cultural map. For over a century she has narrated the journey of Art through objects full of stories and she still brings contemporary Art to Greece and worldwide.


• 70's Angeliki Giannakidou

She founded the Ethnological Museum of Thrace in 2002 and her research interests are in the broader culture and history of Thrace. She is the principal designer and creator of the museum's shop products, with the aim of preserving and spreading popular culture with a contemporary aesthetic.


• 60's Maria Damanaki

Maria Damanaki is the global director for the Oceans at the Washington Nature Conservancy. TNC has protected 50 million hectares of land and sea and leveraged climate change programs in 26 countries using natural climate solutions.


  • 50's Maria Nafpliotou

A distinguished Greek actress who has been awarded for her performances and has been the leader of the Sacred Flame Touch ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.


  • 40's Maria Kousouni

Greek dancer and teacher of the vocal school of the National Opera. She has been a soloist at the Hamburg State Opera and Ballet State Vienna. She has danced in the biggest theaters in the world and performed first roles in works by major choreographers.


  • 30's Vousvouni Lydia

Inspired by mythology and the rich culture of her country, Greece, Lydia Vousvouni is the designer of the brand Zeus+Dione and she creates unique pieces for a woman who loves high quality, aesthetics and authenticity.


• 20's Maria Sakari

A top female athlete, she is considered to be the second-best Greek tennis player of all time, marking a major milestone in the sport. The conquest of the first tournament of her career in 2019 put Maria Sakkari in the top 30 in the world by the women's federation.