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Maritsa Travlos Ceramic Sculpture / 1990 – 2017

15 FEB 2018

Benaki Museum - Maritsa Travlos – Ceramic Sculpture 

The opening night of the art exhibition “Maritsa Travlos – Ceramic Sculpture / 1990 – 2017” was with tremendous success at the Benaki museum. The imaginative creations of the artist along with the mesmerizing installations were admired by more than 1500 visitors. The artist’s work with colorful, solid and dynamic forms of porcelain radiates the spirit and soul of Greece. Her creations have a sense of texture and color, composition and thickening, intensity and accuracy, against the greatness of nature. Their sophisticated design, skillful finishing and ingenuity in the use of new methods of solving technical problems, enhance their elegance and their rhythmic liveliness.

Regarding the exhibition, the artist herself stated: “I was born by the sea of Moschato, an endless beach with sand. All those images define my work and, whenever my hand creates something, it is always in that direction. My work for the last thirty years has been my memories and my love of the world. The art of ceramics, after all, has a memory and it is that same truth I hold dear and sacred in my life.”

 Photo credits to Olympia Krasagaki*
Photo credits to Olympia Krasagaki*

Benaki Museum, Pireos Str. 138, Athens