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Plastic Free Aegean Sea

9 AUG 2019

ZEUS+DIONE is proud to support the efforts for a plastic-free coastal
and marine ecosystem of our beloved Aegean Sea through the initiative “Plastic Free Sea”.

ZEUS+DIONE leads a voluntary coastal clean-up mobilization in Greece, starting from the Cyclades and specifically Tinos island on June 15th, concerning Corporate Social Responsibility.

The actions are supported by the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation which contributes to the recording of the findings of the cleansing, in order to better understand and tackle the problem of marine pollution on the islands more effectively. Cleanings use the Protocol for the Marine Environment Cooperation Network and exclusive environmental friendly materials.

The first stop was Tinos, where a group of about 30 people, including the ZEUS+DIONE team, volunteers of the Athanasios K. Laskaridis Public Benefit Foundation and volunteer residents and visitors of the island, cleared the beaches of Kolimbithra and Livada on Saturday 15th of June. Our goal was to raise awareness regarding marine pollution, mobilize people and promote a plastic-free consciousness.

For the multifaceted support of "Plastic Free Sea", ZEUS+DIONE designs unique products, the revenue of which is available to support nonprofit organizations to protect the marine environment.


Support our cause buying 'Poseidon' bracelet.

The bracelet is made out of ZEUS+DIONE recycled fabrics. Your purchase supports ZEUS+DIONE’ s engagement to “Plastic Free Aegean Sea”. The mission of this Corporate Social Responsibility program is to clean up coastlines and ports in the Aegean Sea. All proceeds of our recycled bracelets will be donated to the “Plastic Free Sea” program. Thank you for supporting our effort to protect the unique ecosystem of the Aegean Sea.